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We now office in Arlington and Austin:

Project Bliss Main Office

1012 N Davis Dr

Arlington TX, 76012


Dr. Edward Tyson’s Office

3811 Bee Cave Rd, Ste 200

Austin, TX 78746

We believe that…

At Project Bliss, we believe that every person is capable and equipped with strengths and resources to achieve complete bliss — fulfillment and purpose in all aspects of life. To find bliss, each individual must undergo a personal project. Inner healing is needed to soothe internal and external experiences of fragmentation, and manage negativity that interferes with living a blissful life. As one undertakes this project, a strong support system is crucial to help to find, regain, and maintain balance, while navigating through complex internal and external issues in a healthy way.

Recovery is more than just a simple transformation.

Recovery most often times if not always involves some level of transformation — changing of attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors of the individual and/or family. These changes take place deep in ourselves and our experiences.

While many individuals may take a more lonesome shot at accomplishing these changes, results are often only superficial. In order to make deep inner changes and to deal with the surrounding issues, you or someone you love may need a professional support system.

For when you decide that normal isn’t working…

At Project Bliss, we use a revolutionary approach to overcoming internal and external struggles.  Primarily we offer inviting solutions for inner conflict that expresses through food and body issues.

We specialize in eating disorders, emotional eating, grounding the self, anxiety and stress, behavioral health concerns, and life cycle issues. We teach healthy coping and self-soothing skills using research-supported treatments including DBT, ACT, and intuitive eating.  We also promote exploration of alternative external ways to find your bliss, whether that be through art, active play, gardening, dance, writing, volunteering, music, just to name a few options.

Take what you need.

Love, Hope, Support, Patience, Joy, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Gratitude, Courage, Understanding, Peace, Passion, Healing, Spirituality, Strength, Beauty, Freedom.

We are here to help. Find your bliss.

Susie Hair

Holly Webb

Jennifer Pereira



Project Bliss accepts check, credit cards, health savings cards, and medical credit or Care Credit cards.  Due to the need for individualized treatment plans, commitment to confidentiality, and provision of quality services, we are not able to bill directly to insurance plans at this time. We are able to provide itemized services forms to be submitted to an individual’s insurance company to seek out-of-network benefits. Typically patients are reimbursed a portion of their expenditures for out-of-network services, which will vary depending on their particular plans.

A sliding scale is available to adjust fees based upon income when possible. A sliding scale worksheet can be found at PROJECT BLISS, and may be submitted prior to your phone assessment if you are in need of this option. Worksheets can be faxed to Project Bliss at 817-200-7557 or emailed to  jp@projectbliss.org.  We look forward to hearing from you.



“and they asked him, master,
tell us about bliss…

and he smiled as if
within himself, he heard the
angels laughing at the blameless
comedy of human life

bliss, he said, is where you find it…”




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  1. Just discovered your site, am looking to hear more so as to (hopefully) refer a patient. Also LOVE to hear more about how you have accomplished what it sounds like you have accomplished. Our non-profit had also, at one point, been running a support house in conjunction with our sliding scale clinic (as combined with training program for eating disorder professionals). LOVE to hear more about your business model, how you have accomplished what you do, and so forth. My cell phone is 415-608-6307; I am in California, thanks, Deborah Brenner-Liss, Ph.D. for the Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders

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